Filmmaker, Performer, Musician

My name is Annika Horne and I am filmmaker, singer, and writer studying at the University of Texas. My mission as a director is to capture the stories of creative and influential women, tales of perseverance and human ingenuity, and lesser-known episodes of history that have shaped our modern world. I believe in bravery, kindness, and curiosity, which I want my films to reflect. But I also believe it is past time to tell the stories of those whose experiences and accomplishments have not been recognized. I look forward to bringing these stories to life in entertaining, uplifting, and unconventional films. 


Cam Stack & Crank Handle

The official music video for composer Graham Reynolds' third movement of his concerto The Difference Engine.


A tribute to Adah Isaac Menken's performance of Mazeppa, Byron's epic and flawed hero. 

An official selection of the Sight of Sound Festival  

The Freezer of Eden

An animated short about undesired immortality. 


Vocal Performance

TV and Film Acting



For Wrens:

"Rounding out the cast is the lone Scot, Meg, delightfully played by Annika Horne. Horne's Meg is a mesh of dichotomies, equally lithe and awkward, friendly and spiky, independent and needy, naive and knowing. In short, she is a girl on the verge of becoming a woman, and Horne expresses this masterfully. In addition, Horne is excellent at emoting--the audience can feel her joy, her frustration, her confusion, and her pain. This further increases the audience's awareness of Meg's youth and exuberance, which is key to understanding her character. In addition, Horne has superb comedic timing; laughs are abundant, and her mirth radiates when she is on stage."

The Column

For 18 Holes:

“Ms. Horne stole all their scenes. She also succeeded in her ability to take on a Scottish accent and I think we’re going to see a lot more of this young lady.” 

The Column