This weekend, I had the pleasure of watching Bob's Burgers at my local theater. I can say with confidence that the film lives up to, and in some instances surpasses, the light-hearted fun of the television series. One could easily enjoy the film with uninitiated viewers or long time fans of the series.

The main plot is set in motion when a sinkhole opens outside the restaurant, complicating the family's need to pay off a small business loan. Things weren't looking good before the sinkhole, and after no customers can enter the restaurant. The kids efforts efforts to save the restaurant and solve a local murder case combine in an amusing, if implausible way.

The film lasts about 90 minutes and has a complete character arc for each of the kids and Bob. Some beloved characters, like Teddy, are prominent, while other series regulars like Jimmy Pesto, are absent. While some of the situations and gags feel a bit overly familiar, echoing similar plots and jokes in the series, there was definitely enough new ground covered to keep you engaged. The quality of the animation is higher than the series, but still has the same charm.

There aren't many series or films around that are as unabashedly silly as Bob's Burgers. For that, it feels refreshing and at times even joyful. Underneath the irreverent and playfully immature humor, there is a real sweetness to the film. I recommend watching in theaters, with a group of friends or family. There will be plenty of gags to recall in the lobby.

Rating: 8/10

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